10 Reasons All Preppers Should Carry a Multi Purpose Tool

There are many reasons why preppers should carry a multi purpose tool at all times. A multi purpose tool includes a knife blade which is very important with regards to a survival kit. A multi purpose tool is great because it will allow you to open canned food and also open drinks that need a bottle opener. They also can help with personal hygiene via filing your nails and trimming facial hair with the scissors. Finally, it allows you to cup up bandages and tape in case you need first aid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Another good reason to carry a multipurpose tool is that most have a manual bottle opener and can opener. So, you can always open cans and bottles.
  • If your multifunctional tool comes with a small set of pliers, which is often the case, you will have a way to tighten and loosen bolts and screws.
  • Should you need to devise knots, a small set of pliers can help you create very strong and sure knots.

“While the knife blade on your multitool might not be your go-to survival blade, it is a blade, nonetheless.”

Read more: https://survivallife.com/multi-purpose-tool-preppers/

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